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Number 2 in the series.

Ableton Unsigned #2

Mixed by amigo


(00:00) Silverfish – It’s Electric
(05:34) man be free – Powerless Hour
(10:28) Benedict – New Beginnings
(13:19) 12 Theory – Insanity
(18:14) rooftopsonfire – Come Down
(21:41) Robert Cashin – Self Service
(26:58) Ben Breslin – No More Candles
(35:48) Adam Singer – Follow Me
(41:14) Per Byhring – Etter Alltid (dego edit)
(47:38) Lee Mulholland – Chunk
(51:54) Outpatient – Gattaca

The second mix in the series is another eclectic mix from amigo that spans many genres.

“Another selection of my favourite tracks since the last mix.  The quality of the tracks is the strongest part of this mix and the project as a whole.
Enjoy the journey.” – amigo

Ableton Unsigned #2

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  • None
  • Mr.Zed: Yo! Amigo, Thankyou very much for this. It was good to hear my track mixed inbetween other tracks. This gives me a little more incentive to find
  • dyLAB: I've done a remix/rework of the Nothing is True track- you can have a listen here -
  • rewind: Great tunes, great mix, great idea. I'm impressed.