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Ableton Unsigned #3 mixed by amigo

Posted on: May 13, 2009

Number 3 in the series.

Ableton Unsigned  #3

This time we have secured a slot on the FEEL Ableton show on FriskyRadio which was broadcast on May 5 2009.

What this means is that the project has another outlet for getting the music heard, this time to a much wider audience.

The FEEL Ableton show is hosted by Shamanah and he has been good enough to support the project by broadcasting Ableton Unsigned #3 in part 5 of the 5 hour show.

The track list for Ableton Unsigned #3 is as follows:

(00:00) polyslax – I’m Cold
(04:49) The Landwhale – Solitary
(07:57) Nonagon – Process Of Illumination
(16:02) Warminstrel – Alright, Turn It Up Louder
(22:22) deadwhenifoundher – Glass Trap
(28:57) Dark Slide – Carrier Pidgeons
(31:55) Minimal Justice System – Ohm Eye God
(38:27) Saftronic – Cargo
(47:30) Ipix – Nothing Is True
(54:02) Relentless – GEO600
(61:25) Gustavo Bravetti – Orange

This is an exclusive mix for FEEL Ableton so also available for download on R2K Podcast.

Ableton Unsigned  #3

Thank you for your continued support.

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1 Response to "Ableton Unsigned #3 mixed by amigo"

I’ve done a remix/rework of the Nothing is True track-
you can have a listen here –

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  • None
  • Mr.Zed: Yo! Amigo, Thankyou very much for this. It was good to hear my track mixed inbetween other tracks. This gives me a little more incentive to find
  • dyLAB: I've done a remix/rework of the Nothing is True track- you can have a listen here -
  • rewind: Great tunes, great mix, great idea. I'm impressed.


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