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How To Contribute


How to contribute:

You must be a forum member.

All tracks must be produced using Ableton live as your DAW.

All tracks submitted must be unsigned.

All tracks must be provided with the permission of the producer and remain copyright of the producer.

All mixes should not exceed 60 minutes.

All mixes may contain only one of your own tracks.

All requests to have a mix featured here should be submitted to


  • None
  • Mr.Zed: Yo! Amigo, Thankyou very much for this. It was good to hear my track mixed inbetween other tracks. This gives me a little more incentive to find
  • dyLAB: I've done a remix/rework of the Nothing is True track- you can have a listen here -
  • rewind: Great tunes, great mix, great idea. I'm impressed.


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